Hello good people,

I am Deni and I will be your boredom killer 4 days a week. It will not bring you a lifetime happiness, nor a big house but it will simply make your day more fun and hopefully you’ll learn a lot of useful and interesting things that may help you simplify your life. I am offering a 10 minute break 4 days a week from your complicated thoughts and worries. Approximately 10 minutes to read what I have to say on different subjects, learn, laugh, think and simply set your brain on a short break. Every day from Monday to Thursday I will write on a different topic. Monday – How to guide; Tuesday – Question answering; Wednesday – Review something; Thursday – Top list; That is the schedule I am gonna write by and make your working days a little less tough. Think outside the box and simplify your life.

Remember, it is all about the creative way of thinking. For more fun visit www.facebook.com/ForPostsPage


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