Top 5 TV shows till now

#5 Family Guy

This animated comedy show is on my “ Top 5 TV shows till now ” list because it has 10 seasons and 11th one coming out and it hasn’t disappointed even with 1 episode. That is the thing which separates it from other animated shows. The other thing is the creative and brave jokes that it generates. Ok, but why is it on this list along with non-animated TV shows? Here is the thing, it is far more than just a comedy. It is a complex character mix and it plays with complex topics that we, the polite people, are too good to put them out there and try to understand them. It shows life and the reality through jokes and twisted shit that somehow is easier to get than to read a whole book on ethics. You will laugh, you will learn and you will escape the monotony of everyday life through this show. It is like a little vacation to Happyland. A land where you can laugh to anything without being judged by people who try to convince themselves that they are good.

#4 Californication

Hank Moody, the famous writer – playa who dances with a joint in his mouth through life’s twists and turns. The guy who doesn’t give a fuck. That is the outside of the character but the inside, which is the main reason this show is on this list. The inside of Hank Moody, his pure love and righteousness, his courage. He is a character that is deeper than most of the characters ever made. This show makes the clearest difference between sex and love. It shows the depth in our life through very simple and real situations. He loves Karen and his daughter even if they don’t love him, he doesn’t mind because pure love is something you have for someone despite what he feels about you. This show teaches how to truly love and that is one of the most important lessons we need to learn.

#3 Dexter

The world’s most loveable serial killer. First of all, this show has unbelievably good deployed story through seasons. There are no meaningless episodes like in some shows only to give a number of episodes to the season. Every episode has a name that is just the right description of the story and the message. In each season there is something more we discover in the characters, something that is taking us deeper in their mind and soul. This show plays with psychology like no other. The acting is like in no other TV show. The main thing this show is numero 3 is the description of our dark side, “ The dark passenger ”. We all have that darkness inside of us, I don’t know why but I know that there is someone reaching for the wheel once in a while, someone brave enough to say that life is not all rainbows and sunshine like a very wise “ Rocky ” said. This show is also brave enough to show us that dark side, to show us that only good or only bad cannot survive, that we must combine both of them and choose what is right, even if by that we mean to throw a person in a garbage bags in the middle of the ocean.

#2 Lost

There was a dilemma about the 2nd and the 1st place. I wasn’t sure about this show to be 2nd because it is by far, the best mystery, philosophy, character development, awesome sights, drama series that has ever been made.  There were moments in lost that can make you laugh like a crazy psychopath and moments where you will cry like a teenage pussy. The answer that the show is telling us is bigger than all of the questions in the series. The question is what is the meaning of life? What is it? The mother of all questions. The show tells us that the meaning of life is that there is no meaning. That we can choose what it will mean for us. Just like the island. The most important thing in life are not the answers that we search, but the people that we search with. Which is why this show is not nomero uno.

#1 Friends

That is the most important thing in life, friends. The show that is better than any other show, ever! Why? Because through the 10 seasons you will fall in love with the characters so much that the second time you watch the show only 1 thing will flow through you mind. How can I have a life like this with a people like this? In the end of the day life is not about the money you make, or what is the meaning of our existence, or the secret conspiracy theories. At the end of the day, life is about that people who are there on your dinner table and laugh on how you fell off the stairs trying to get home, about the friends that despite all of that bullshit will give their best to keep your friendship alive. Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe are the definition of friends. They show the perfection in life, the simplicity that is the answer to the complicated. Only by watching Friends the world starts to be a better place. My opinion is that if everyone in this world watches friends, there will be no wars. Ever!